Friday, August 14, 2009


A cruisy beach holiday destination where every thing is easy and all within a short walking distance from each other. This town is very touristy as lots of the English holiday here during the summer break. There are lots of beaches to choose from, the section we visited was the Gold Coast which is made up of lots of small beaches divided by cliffs. We didn´t get to al lof them but we tried our best! The water there was quite clear but not like it was on the Greek islands.

On one of our days in Lagos we decided to go sea kayaking. Liz has been wanting to do it for ages and I am so glad we finally got to do it. It was so much FUN! We joined in a 3 hours tour, with Liz and I being an unbeatable team in a double kayak. We got to go farther along the Gold Coast then we could walk and got to see and go through all the grottos along the way. The were so lovely and in some of them the water shone a bright green due to the sunlight filtering in through the cliffs and cracks. Was really pretty. Liz and I were also the only female couple kayaking and we totally kicked everyones butts back to shore!!

The town gets quite lively at night so one evening we went in and ordered some cocktails and enjoyed it all. Nearly bought some souviners during this time but luckily we saw sense and decided to go back during the day (the memory of our Oktoberfest spree was still fresh in our minds!). And thank goodness we did. What I wanted to buy in my semi drunken haze did not look at all good in the light of day. Phew, a close call!

I managed to get a bit burnt here and so now I am feeling sorry for myself. It is however our last beach stop until Valencia so my skil will have time to recover. And yes, we have been applying sunscreen everyday. Lucille we´ve already managed to finish both of the tubes you sent over with Timothy! Don´t stress though everyone, we have another bottle to lather ourselves up with!!

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